MLS Day Spa and Retreat

For Health Professionals and Clients


The Simple Concept

MLS is designed for licensed health practitioners and their clients needing a convenient and private location for therapy, yoga, massage, or guided meditation.  It is available to all health professionals and their clients, as well as individuals and small groups seeking a small space to hold an impromptu business meeting, rest for a couple of hours, or just decompress for twenty minutes.  MLS is conveniently located at 7902 Tysons One Place (Vita Apartments' private residences adjacent to Earl's and Eddie V's Prime Seafood).  Valet and private parking are available.

MLS Day Spa

Art in the simplest form is about essence.  It conveys a broad and open meaning that invites the viewer to further refine and define in ways that best suit them.  This piece is a new addition to the gallery and anchors the spa currently occupying the space.  It is not for sale. 

For sale and consignment items will be added in the near future to meet increasing demand.  Your patience is appreciated. 

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